4 Tips For The Perfect Garden Lighting

Now that we’re into summer, a lot of you will be thinking about doing a bit of work in the garden.

For some, that’s just a case of keeping the grass short and the fences painted, but others may have something a little more innovative in mind. If you are looking to create something stunning, lighting plays an integral part.

So here are 4 simple tips to implement if you are looking to light your garden.

Contrast in Light and Dark

The contrast between highlighted areas and darker patches defines the atmosphere in any landscape.

Experiment with the strength of a light, the angle that it shines at, and its overall impact on the garden, not just in the area that it shines when determining how to light your garden.

Less is More

If you’re looking to light your garden for design rather than function then go for low voltage lights. Not only is low voltage lighting safe and efficient, it is also far more subtle.

If you need to light trees or larger bodies of water then more may be needed - but when in doubt, go low.

Out of Sight

Great lighting is all about the illusion of light; the ability to see the object without noticing the source of light. This is why garden light fittings continue to reduce in size.

It’s also worth carefully considering the positioning of your lighting. As you can see in this case study from the Southport Flower Show, Ansell’s Meteor adjustable LED spotlight, suitable for submersing to a depth of up to 3 metres, was used to highlight the centre point of the garden from the surrounding water feature.

Have a Flow

Directional lighting can present a great sense of rhythm in paths, walls or through plants. A mix of spacing, angles, and strength of light will determine the desired effect.

As well as creating a visually impressive outdoor space, garden lighting can also serve an important safety purpose. Illuminate pathways and steps to reduce the risk of trips or slips.

These are just a few simple tips to help you when you are considering your garden lighting. At Ansell Lighting, we have a wide range of lighting options available to help you make your garden glow. 

If you would like to speak to an expert at Ansell about any area of lighting that you need help with then please call us on 01942 433 333.

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