Do You Want To Take A Look At Our Brand New VR Showroom?

VR, as we’re sure you are aware, is the virtual reality computer technology that’s spreading like wildfire throughout businesses around the world, becoming a common place tool in a variety of working worlds including gaming, architecture, structural engineering and now lighting.

The Ansell Lighting showrooms are something we’re very proud of. The showrooms offer a great insight in to our business, the products we offer and the settings our products can be applied to. Inviting customers in to our showroom is an important feature of our business and something we offer to any customers who wants to know more about Ansell Lighting.

Unfortunately, it’s occasionally the case where people can’t make it to our Warrington or Belfast showrooms and don’t have the opportunity to browse our showroom. With this in mind, we’ve integrated VR in to the way we work and in to our showroom.

Our new VR showroom was created to bring the Ansell Lighting showroom to you. If you’re looking to experience our showroom and gain an insight in to our products, but you’re unable to get to our head offices, the new technology enables you to look round our showroom, as well as other settings where our lighting is used, including skate parks, car showrooms and gyms.

VR will not only be available to our wholesaler customers, but will also be displayed on our stand at future trade shows. We’ve recently trialled our VR Showroom Experience at Elex Sandown, enabling attendees to get a quick glimpse of our showroom and view our product range without having too move from the Ansell Lighting stand.

Integrating the VR showroom in to our way of working doesn’t mean the showroom is closed, it just means we want more people to see what we have on offer!

If you’re interested in seeing our VR showroom or would like to make a visit to our showroom in either our Warrington and Belfast office please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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