Five Pieces Of Smart Home Tech Readily Available Today

Smart homes are coming. It’s no longer a case of if, rather when. As well as being able to control your heating, TV, or fridge from anywhere, businesses are also looking at how these devices can help simplify day to day life.

With that in mind, here are five of our favourite pieces of Smart Tech available on the market today.

Smart Bed - IT Mattress by Sleep Number

Who doesn’t want a better night’s sleep? Now, with the IT Mattress, a rough night’s sleep could be a thing of the past.

The IT mattress measures how restful/restless you are in the night and records all the data. Once it has accumulated this data, it recommends what changes you should make.

The mattress allows you to adjust how firm/soft it is on either side and also recommends at what temperature you sleep best at.

Smart Bed

Smart Fridge - Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Smart fridges still have a long way to go but one of the best efforts so far is probably Samsung’s Family Hub.

The Family Hub has a touch screen interface on the door, allowing users to show pictures, recipes, calendar etc.

We imagine one day in the future fridges will be able to detect what food you have in and re-order it as and when you need it. But for now, this is pretty impressive.

Smart Plug – WifiPlug

This might seem small, but it’s certainly mighty.

The WifiPlug connects to any smartphone via your home's Wifi, allowing you to effectively control any device from anywhere in the world.

It’s also a great way to keep on top of your electricity bills as it mitigates any chance of leaving something on by accident.

Smart Speaker - Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo has brought Smart Homes to the forefront of conversation.

It can do the basics like playing music and setting reminders - but it can also order products from Amazon and search for information online. It’s the closest we can get to a personal assistant.

You can also sync it to your other smart tech and control everything from the Echo.

Amazon Echo

Smart Thermostat - Nest

Nest has been around for a year or two now but it is still a very handy piece of kit.

Cranking up your heating just before you get home, and then turning it down as you leave - rather than having to preset it and gambling on timings not only allows you to live in comfort but also save you some money.

We are sure we will see more and more smart tech come to market over the next few years. It will be fascinating to see how they will all work together in the future to create the most functional home possible.

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