How Does The Office Environment Affect Your Staff?

Did you know that everything from lighting to colours can affect your staff’s productivity?

A recent study has revealed that third of UK employees just don’t like their office environment – complaints range from uncomfortable temperature to bad light.

UK recruitment agency Randstad found that 35 per cent of employees name their office environment as the biggest cause of work-related stress.

This clearly shows then, that by taking the time to ensure your work space is inviting and comfortable for your staff, you’ll minimise the amount of time you lose employees to illness.

Even seemingly small things like fixing broken chairs, flickering lights and temperamental air conditioning can lessen their impact on physical and mental health.

So here is our guide to creating the perfect office atmosphere.


What you want from your staff will change the type of lighting you require.

If you need your staff to be constantly alert, then bright whites are what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for more creativity then a dimmer atmosphere is what you need.

Natural light has been proven to improve workers’ mood and health. This will then help make your staff more productive.


This is a tricky one. Different workers will want different things. We all know someone who’s cold no matter what, and someone who’s constantly too hot.

However, a study from Helsinki University showed that 22 degrees is the optimum temperature for maximum productivity.


Office décor may not seem like that big a deal, but even just the colours of the walls could affect your mood and how hard you work.

Studies have shown that blue and green colours improve efficiency and focus. Red can increase heart rate making it perfect for a job that requires physical activity.

If you cannot paint your office walls, you can certainly add a plant to your desk. Plants in the office can increase productivity by around 15%.

A lesson from Google

If you’re not convinced, there’s a reason why Google spent £1bn on state-of-the-art London offices. This was designed to create what it believes is the ideal working environment, as Google knows it makes business sense.

Lighting can be a key component of your office atmosphere. If you notice that you have staff missing with illness then be aware that over-brightness can cause stress, whilst flickering bulbs can cause eye strain and headaches.

Considering the best lighting for staff is not something that many businesses put much time into. However, if you are keen to reduce staff illness, it might be time to investigate how the office atmosphere affects your employees.

If you would like any help or advice in creating the perfect lighting setup for your office, then call us on 01942 433 333.

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