The Future Of Your Home

In 2016, we saw the release of two devices that are likely to be the flag bearers for the homes of the future.

Google Home and Amazon Echo have made futuristic ‘smart homes’ more accessible than ever before. Before the launch of these products, smart home devices have worked in branded isolation, rarely integrating with each other whilst being difficult to use.

Google and Amazon have revolutionised this. Homeowners can now mix and match smart devices from across the major smart home players, with light bulbs and shower heads being early developments.

Compared to the US, the UK is still considered to be in the early adopter phase. Despite this, more than four million Britons have already invested in smart devices for their homes.

Demand for the home’s smart plugs has exceeded all expectation, particularly since the launch of the Amazon Echo, because of the simple integration process and limitless opportunities for controlling everyday household devices.

Business Insider estimates that 1.6 million homes have installed Amazon’s Alexa app for their Echo’s. Further research found that just under 50% of consumers would like to use smart technology to control their homes.

Part of the reason for the early success of smart homes is that homeowners want to replicate efficiencies in the workplace at home. The line between home and office is increasingly blurring for many people.

In addition to this, the increased security benefits of smart home technology are a big draw, whilst for others it is simply the convenience of being able to control their home from anywhere.

A report by PwC suggested that the incentive to save money, peer acceptance and the localisation of energy suppliers could see more people install smart metres for every utility.

As products and services continue to develop and become more convenient, it will not be long before people wonder what they did before smart home technology.

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