Continued Growth For Ansell Lighting

Ansell Lighting has had an envious and somewhat frightening record of growth over the past decade. However, if you ask what this physically equates to, or the amount of actual products sold, not many people could give you an answer...

To give some context, the average number of items sold per month in 2017 was 244,000.

This jumped up by more than 100,000 items in 2018, to a monthly average of 346,000.

Growth in 2019 continued with another leap forward. We now average 412,000 items per month.

During 2019, a milestone was broken for the business as we despatched 501,055 items in October alone.

All these items, once packed, fill around 60,000 cardboard boxes which are stacked floor to ceiling, filling 69 trailers. This level of output is achieved by 3 warehouse teams putting in nearly 8,500 man-hours each month. 

Despite this staggering growth, through smart work, optimisation, and investment, the warehouse has managed to increase the cut off time to post to 17:00 every day and has achieved this consistently since April. 

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