New Ansell App

Take a look at the new Ansell Lighting app


If you’re looking for a simplistic, accessible way to browse our latest products, calculate energy savings, gain lighting inspiration or utilise our ready reckoner, then look no further than the brand new Ansell Lighting app.


The new Ansell Lighting app has been designed to provide you with all the information you require regarding our products and services. The app’s features are easy to use and enable you to access a variety of our helpful tools.


Thanks to our new app, browsing Ansell products has never been easier. Users can instantly browse our entire product range within a few taps, making it simpler for you to access the information you need quickly. You can also conveniently download, save or email product datasheets and view product instructions. Additionally, users can also search for specific products using the products SKU code or the product name.


Our ready reckoner has also been integrated into our new app. The new digital ready reckoner allows users to simply input the lux levels required for a space, along with the width and length of the room. The calculation tool then determines the quantity of fittings required to perfectly illuminate the space.


The new Ansell Lighting app is also home to our energy calculator. Our easy to use energy calculator highlights how much energy you could save by switching your old fittings to efficient LED luminaires.


Looking for some inspiration for a new lighting project? Take a look at our new inspiration gallery for  ideas. The inspiration gallery features lots of our lighting projects, ranging from car showrooms to salons and from high street retail environments, to residential living rooms.


Our new app also offers you the opportunity to browse our latest news and watch our product videos. In addition to this, the app also houses an extensive list of FAQs, providing you with the answers to a varied list of questions that we receive on a regular basis.  Furthermore, our built in QR code scanner allows you to directly visit more of the content you want to see.


We are confident that our new app will be a go-to for any of our customers looking for information regarding any of our products and services. The app will continually be updated with the release of new products and new helpful tools, keeping you up to date with everything you need to know.


If you have downloaded our previous catalogue app please delete and download our brand new app from the app store and google play store today by searching 'Ansell Lighting'


If you have any questions regarding our new app please don’t hesitate to contact us.






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