OCTO Indoor CCT/RGBW Controller 12-24V Category : Connected Code : AOCTO/RGBW/BTC

12-24V bluetooth smart controller

Compatible with Krait, Boa, Adder and Cobra LED strip

Option to use externally within a waterproof enclosure

Timed colour alert or changes for different daily events

Initial start up provides the user with options for RGBW, RGB, tunable white and single colour

Shared/common positive output with 4 negatives outputs allow for 4 channel control

App commissioning includes full control, dimming, scene setting and pre-set timer

Settings easily commissioned by a smart device via the OCTO app

Bluetooth wireless mesh ensures reliable and fast operation. Range between devices: 30m internal 50m external**. **Range is dependent on surroundings and obstacles, such as walls and building materials.

Lamp : N/A
Colour : N/A
Wattage : N/A
Warranty : 5